A downloadable game

Welcome to Temple Dilemma!
This is the demo to Temple Dilemma, a new platformer for the original NES.

CIB game can be seen here! :


Original kickstarter campaign:


Install instructions

In order to play, please download an emulator like Messen. This demo requires Mapper30 in order to run correctly.


TempleDilemmaDemo_Ver_2.nes 512 kB


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Hi Alex - could you please check your email - had a Q on this about buying.
Thank you.

8 bit style graphics! So retro!


heh, its retro cuz it is retro

i just learned about this. The kickstarter ended a while back and the order page seems to not work for the external site.

do you have any plans to sell a rom version here?

Hello :)

For now its purely physical. If you follow the link to my page, you should be able to subscribe to get notified when in stock( actually, I will have standard versions up very soon).If anything, go to  www.oldschool-interactive.com